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Sailing cruiser of the year of 11,55m of length presented for Hanse. Verified shipyard. Optimal protection of your boat.

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Used Hanse Yachts 371 boats for sale (Sailing Boats)

Request Quote. HANSE Hanse See all models of the Hanse make 9. Sailing cruiser Hanse Varianta Mola Yachting GmbH. Hanse Varianta 37 Sailing cruiser Dehler Varianta Dehler Varianta 37 Sailboat Dehler Varianta ITA74 Srl. Sailing cruiser Hanse Hanse Albanta Yacht Broker. Hanse Hanse 12 m from Length.

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Sailing cruiser Hanse Selymar Yachts. Observations: [p]the company deals the details of this boat in good faith but cannot assurance or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant Click on one of the markers to get in contact with a distributor. It seems as if you have an ad blocker activated. Some elements of the website will not be shown correctly. We recommend disactivating it while you visit our site.In its previous life it had been the Aphroditea fast and well-mannered s Swedish cruiser-racer.

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Hanse founder Michael Schmidt built the boats by the score in a derelict furniture factory in the former East Germany, where cheap labor and a bare-bones inventory allowed him to undercut every other production builder by a hefty margin.

Varianta has been a hit in recession-struck Europe, but how will it fare here? The VAR 37 may be minimalist in its approach, but everything you need to go sailing is there. Bulkheads are tabbed to the hull and deck, and a stiffening grid pan is bonded to the hull. The deck molding is foam-cored.

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Despite the heavier hull construction the VAR 37 ends up considerably lighter than thethanks to its stripped-out interior. Combined with the deep cast-iron T-keel and spade rudder of thethis tranlates to an excellent turn of speed. The VAR looks very stark and white, lacking even a cove stripe to soften those high topsides. It also makes the 37 an easy boat to move around. Side decks are wide and clean, with the jib sheet tracks mounted on the cabintop.

As standard, halyards and the sheets for the percent jib come back to clutches and a pair of Lewmar 40s on the cabintop, but the sheets on the test boat were led aft to a pair of Lewmar 45s right by a big wheel. The mainsheet tackle is clipped to a padeye on the cockpit sole in front of the helm. Van Breems is planning to offer a self-tacking jib as an option, which will make this boat super-easy to handle. Meanwhile, the small jib is hardly burdensome.

The look in the saloon is basic, but very functional. The VAR 37 is an odd mixture of high-quality and just-good-enough. No shortcuts have been taken with basic construction, which is to a good standard. This is a bare-minimum boat. There are no reading lamps, precious few overhead lamps, and the electrical installations are minimalist.

Everything meets Germanischer Lloyd standards. Interior joinery is about as simple as it comes, angular fabrications of formica-faced marine ply that reminded me of the early efforts of the East German Hanse furniture makers-turned-boatbuilders. A two-cabin layout is standard, though the boat I sailed had the optional three-cabin configuration.

Berths are all sensibly sized and well upholstered. Savvy Euro-sailors have been buying these boats, gutting them and having custom interiors installed, in the process saving thousands over of the cost of a competing production boat. The U. If simplicity is a virtue, then the VAR 37 is unimpeachable. Belowdecks and above, this is a blank sheet upon which an owner can sketch out a boat the way he or she really wants to—or it can be left as-is, thereby providing an uncomplicated, perfectly satisfactory sailing experience.Growing from a few North German towns in the late s, the league came to dominate Baltic maritime trade for three centuries along the coasts of Northern Europe.

Hansa territories stretched from the Baltic to the North Sea and inland during the Late Middle Agesand diminished slowly after Merchant circles established the league to protect the guilds' economic interests and diplomatic privileges in their affiliated cities and countries, as well as along the trade routes which the merchants used.

The Hanseatic cities had their own legal system and operated their own armies for mutual protection and aid. Despite this, the organization was not a state, nor could it be called a confederation of city-states; only a very small number of the cities within the league enjoyed autonomy and liberties comparable to those of a free imperial city.

Exploratory trading adventures, raids, and piracy occurred early throughout the Baltic region; the sailors of Gotland sailed up rivers as far away as Novgorod. Well before the term Hanse appeared in a document in[9] merchants in different cities began to form guildsor Hansawith the intention of trading with towns overseas, especially in the economically less-developed eastern Baltic. This area could supply timber, wax, amber, resinsand furs, along with rye and wheat brought down on barges from the hinterland to port markets.

The towns raised their own armies, with each guild required to provide levies when needed. The Hanseatic cities came to the aid of one another, and commercial ships often had to be used to carry soldiers and their arms. Visby on the island of Gotland functioned as the leading centre in the Baltic before the Hansa. Sailing east, Visby merchants established a trading post at Novgorod called Gutagard also known as Gotenhof in Hansa societies worked to remove restrictions on trade for their members.

The earliest remaining documentary mention, although without a name, of a specific German commercial federation dates from in London.

The allied cities gained control over most of the salt-fish trade, especially the Scania Market ; Cologne joined them in the Diet of Much of the drive for this co-operation came from the fragmented nature of existing territorial governments, which failed to provide security for trade. Over the next 50 years the Hansa itself emerged with formal agreements for confederation and co-operation covering the west and east trade routes.

These trading posts became significant enclaves. It grew into a significant walled community with its own warehouses, weighhouse, church, offices and houses, reflecting the importance and scale of trading activity on the premises.

The first reference to it as the Steelyard der Stahlhof occurs in Starting with trade in coarse woollen fabrics, the Hanseatic League had the effect of bringing both commerce and industry to northern Germany. The same refinement of products out of cottage industry occurred in other fields, e. The century-long monopolization of sea navigation and trade by the Hanseatic League ensured that the Renaissance arrived in northern Germany long before it did in the rest of Europe.

In addition to the major Kontorsindividual Hanseatic ports had a representative merchant and warehouse. The league primarily traded timber, furs, resin or tarflax, honey, wheat, and rye from the east to Flanders and England with cloth and, increasingly, manufactured goods going in the other direction.

Metal ore principally copper and iron and herring came southwards from Sweden. The Livonian Confederation of to c. The dominant language of trade was Middle Low Germana dialect with significant impact for countries involved in the trade, particularly the larger Scandinavian languagesEstonianand Latvian.

The league had a fluid structure, but its members shared some characteristics; most of the Hansa cities either started as independent cities or gained independence through the collective bargaining power of the league, though such independence remained limited. The Hanseatic free cities owed allegiance directly to the Holy Roman Emperorwithout any intermediate family tie of obligation to the local nobility. Another similarity involved the cities' strategic locations along trade routes.

At the height of their power in the lateth century, the merchants of the Hanseatic League succeeded in using their economic power and, sometimes, their military might—trade routes required protection and the league's ships sailed well-armed—to influence imperial policy.

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The league also wielded power abroad. Between and it waged war against Denmark.Advanced Search. Hide Sold Listings. Get listings delivered straight to your inbox! Get Email Alerts. Order by listing - latest Order by listing - oldest Order by length - low to high Order by length - high to low Order by price - low to high Order by price - high to low Order by Make.

Refine Search. Book this exclusive space and keep your boat listing on top of all searches in your category. Simply login to your account to submit your booking. Keep your Ad on Top All Day! View Listing. Hanse Lying in Tahiti and ready for her next Bluewater adventure, 'Lucid' is a Hanse in 'as new' condition…. Tahiti, South Pacific.

When you purchase a Hanse Yacht you get comfort at sea and a boat with great performance qualities. It's the winning…. Hong Kong, Asia. Fully equipped and ready to cruise! Live your dream today!

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The Hanse has everything you could expect from the perfect…. Hanse E. Brisbane, Queensland. Auction View Listing. The Hanse is a pocket…. Representing one….Hanse Yachts, designed and hand built on the Baltic coast of Germany, renowned for high standards in engineering and finish.

Designed with a self-tacking jib as standard across the range, and all lines led to the helmsman, the entire range can be sailed short-handed without leaving the cockpit. Every Hanse is hand-built to order and due to the high level of customisation options each Hanse is unique.

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Hanse are renowned for building very strong, stiff yachts that have little flex when sailing. The substantial bulkheads are fully laminated into both the hull and deck, which adds significant strength to the boat. This ensures a very safe, quiet and "creak" free boat when sailing. Let us guide you through the exciting adventure of buying a new yacht…. Get in touch. Powered by webboutiques.

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Hanse boats for sale

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Our engineering and commissioning team are carrying out their duties as usual whilst following government guidelines with regards to cleanliness and sanitisation. Please do continue to get in touch either by phone or email if you would like to discuss any aspect of boat ownership further. Hanse design Hanse Yachts, designed and hand built on the Baltic coast of Germany, renowned for high standards in engineering and finish.

Breaking Rules. Setting Trends. Ease of handling Designed with a self-tacking jib as standard across the range, and all lines led to the helmsman, the entire range can be sailed short-handed without leaving the cockpit. Comfort at speed.

Your Hanse is built just for you. Latest News. MyHanse Safety Cloud. Hanse are pleased to announce that every new Hanse delivered with the Cruising Pack will receive a 2 year subscription to the MyHanse Safety CloudRead more about Hanse Yachts. As one of the largest builders of production yachts in Europe, Hanse combines the tradition of superb craftsmanship with modern techniques and materials.

Hanse, with models in various sizes, from the practical up to the very elegant Hanse offers some of the fastest designs.

They have an enduring personal and professional relationship with Hanse Yachts. Their innovative design approach has resulted in yachts that bring unique performance advantages in beating upwind, reaching and gliding downwind. This means that Hanse yachts guarantee a high level of fun and speed. For years now, Hanse has been a trendsetter in simplifying sailing and making it faster. Hanse always stands for innovative design and continuous development of cruising sail boats.

The hull shapes are developed with focus on performance and comfort. This reflects in the vertically designed bow and stern of all Hanse yachts, a feature that allows them to achieve a very long waterline and consequently a significantly increased hull speed. The sail-plan is also optimised.

Used HANSE Boats for Sale

The mast is positioned further to aft, resulting in a larger surface of the self-tacking jib, which benefits performance in light winds. The surface areas of the main sail and jib are very well balanced and that translates into a balanced sailing performance. Hanse yachts stay very neutral in steering under sails. They can stand more heeling, allowing the reefing to be postponed for even stronger winds.

Naturally, a fast-sailing yacht is not complete without quality sails aimed at performance. Sailing Hanse yachts is incredibly easy thanks to the self-tacking jib and the fact that all the halyards, extensors and sheets are led to the helmsman position. Hanse models can be sailed easily with a small crew or even singlehandedly. How large a crew do you actually need on a Hanse yacht?

If you feel like it, you can sail it all by yourself. In addition to great sailing performance, Hanse places great importance on simplified handling of their yachts. They call this concept Easy Sailing and Hanse is way ahead of the competition regarding this aspect of sailing. Hanse yachts are equipped with an integrated self-tacking jib and that allows fast single-handed tacking without cranking. This truly deserves to be called easy sailing!

Running of all halyards, sheets and cunninghams directly to the helmsman is also unique in its class. This enables the helmsman to manoeuvre the boat under sails all by himself from astern — even in stronger winds when a deep keel provides a high level of stability.

We are not talking only about sheeting in and slackening of sails, but also setting or reducing sails.

hanse 37

All this can be done easily from the wheel. Hanse also typically uses the double-sided main sheet system which can usually be seen on large ocean going racing yachts. As all the sail controls are led to the helmsman, the upper deck remains completely free of winches and clamps while the cockpit is not cluttered by a main sheet lead. The easy handling is not reserved only for sailing.

A vast selection of options, layouts, colours, fabrics, wood and floorings makes every Hanse yacht a unique creation.Shallow Draft option 5.

Calculations Help. It provides a reasonable comparison between yachts of similar type.

hanse 37

It is based on the fact that the faster the motion the more upsetting it is to the average person. Consider, though, that the typical summertime coastal cruiser will rarely encounter the wind and seas that an ocean going yacht will meet. Numbers below 20 indicate a lightweight racing boat; 20 to 30 indicates a coastal cruiser; 30 to 40 indicates a moderate bluewater cruising boat; 40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat.

The CSF compares beam with displacement since excess beam contributes to capsize and heavy displacement reduces capsize vulnerability. The boat is better suited for ocean passages vs coastal cruising if the result of the calculation is 2.

Hanse 371 for sale, 11 meter sailing boat, 37 foot yacht.

The lower the better. Under 2 - Slow, under powered. Sailboat Rigging Diagram. Toggle Navigation Menu Home. Hull Type:. Capsize Screening Formula:. Mast Height from DWL:. Sailboat Links. Hanse Yachts. Related Sailboats:. Download Boat Record:.

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